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DSTWO loader:V1.02 2010-06-01

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

1、Update the file system, remove checking storage space function to improve reading speed.
2、Added system file protection, user could not operate on system files to avoid system corrupt.
3、Fixed save problem, when the patch database save size is different from customer save size setting, will keep customer save size.
4、Fixed a cheat code bug. Sometimes, the cheat code does not display.
5、Fixed GameWatch Games Collection, RPG tools.
6、1222 – Archime DS (J)
2360 – LOL (U)
2645 – Bakushow
Fixed these game downplay function.
7、Added DSTWO provide Soft-Reset function for Homebrew. Any homebrew software run “_dstwo/reset2desktop.nds” file can return to DSTWO desktop.
8、Fixed ReadTime Save display time error bug.
Note: Old version patch database can not be use in new OS.

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DSTWO loader:V1.01 2010-05-22

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

1. Fix “Made in Ore”&”RPG Tool DS”
2. Fix “4951 Daigasso! Band Brothers”,The save is normal now
3. Fix “4952 Prince of Persia(Black screen Error)”,If you want to play,Premise is clean mode
4. Increase capacity detect in disk for enter the game,Avoid roms generate the bad damage the game system Download&decompression DSTWO suite to root of TF,you’d better format the TF on first use
This suite contain DSTWO system core V1.01,GBA simulator V1.13,guide slot2 port&DS mode plugins and the latest moonshell software for DSTWO dedicated

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DSTWO hand on

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

i got my DSTWO of the SCteam today (thank you)


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(update) DSONE/i SP2 (24/03/10)

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


there was a bug in the original SP2 so its been updated

(New edition)SDHC-DSONE/i Eos Download:
DSONEi SDHC Evolution V1.0 SP2 (chs)(2010-03-24)
DSONEi SDHC Evolution V1.0 SP2 (eng)(2010-03-24)

DSONE SDHC Evolution V1.0 SP2 (chs)(2010-03-24)
DSONE SDHC Evolution V1.0 SP2 (eng)(2010-03-24)

(Old edition)DSONE Eos Download:
DSONE Evolution V1.0 SP2 (chs) (2010-03-24)
DSONE Evolution V1.0 SP2 (eng) (2010-03-24)

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(New edition) SDHC-DSONE/i SP1 (11/02/10)

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

(New edition)SDHC-DSONE/i Eos Download:
DSONEi SDHC Evolution V1.0 SP1 (chs) (2010-02-11)
DSONEi SDHC Evolution V1.0 SP1 (eng) (2010-02-11)

DSONE SDHC Evolution V1.0 SP1 (chs) (2010-02-11)
DSONE SDHC Evolution V1.0 SP1 (eng) (2010-02-11)

(Old edition)DSONE Eos Download:
DSONE Evolution V1.0 SP1 (chs) (2010-02-11)
DSONE Evolution V1.0 SP1 (eng) (2010-02-11)

Didl file:
(Old edition)DSONE
(New edition)SDHC DSONE/i

remember to backup your saves first

EOS is released! (05/02/10)

Friday, February 5th, 2010

(New edition)SDHC-DSONE/i Eos Download:
DSONEi SDHC Evolution V1.0 (chs) (2010-02-05)
DSONEi SDHC Evolution V1.0 (eng) (2010-02-05)

DSONE SDHC Evolution V1.0 (chs) (2010-02-05)
DSONE SDHC Evolution V1.0 (eng) (2010-02-05)

(Old edition)DSONE Eos Download:
DSONE Evolution V1.0 (chs) (2010-02-05)
DSONE Evolution V1.0 (eng) (2010-02-05)

remember to backup your saves first

EOS for DSone/i

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

the “evolution operating system” for the dsone/i has been given a realise date of chinese new year….. that starts valentines day 14/02/10

in case you didnt know what the EOS is its the new loader for the dsone/i which fixs some of the small problems that the old loader had

Supercard DSTWO Announced

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

The Supercard team have confirmed that the development of the successor to the Supercard DSONE is now officially under way.

The Supercard DSTWO will be DSi compatible and is a mash up between the original DSONE and the hardware that was found in the iPlayer multimedia player.

Here’s the official feature list for the Supercard DSTWO:

  1. RealTime Functions: RealTime Save, RealTime Game Guide(txt,bmp,jpg) & RealTime Cheat. (More stable, more easy to use, cheat code compatible with R4 and TT now)
  2. Multi Saves (Up to 4 slot), Easy to backup and restore saves.
  3. Unlimited MicroSD storage space support. SDHC support. FAT or FAT32.
  4. Multiple languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish)
  5. Built-in GBA/SNES Emulator.
  6. Action Slow Motion (4 levels,).
  7. File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete, long file name support).
  8. eBook (BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, TXT, PDF).


Forum Discussion Giveaway Contest Results Are In!

Monday, November 9th, 2009

1st – kkan
2nd – shadowhunter93
3rd – LightyKD

Congratulations! Flashcard Giveaway! R4i SDHC, R4 SDHC, R4DS

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

0ShippingZone is running a giveaway.  Here are the rules:

  1. You must register with both and at the forums with the same email address.
  2. When registering at 0Shippingzone, please make sure you check ‘Newsletter’ option. Newsletter will be mailed out occasionally.
  3. Deadline is Nov 7th, 2009 (11:59 PM EST).
  4. All the email addresses registered at before the deadline will be sent to SCdev.
  5. SCdev will match the email addresses that both registered at 0SZ and SCdev.
  6. Winners will be picked from the list and announced on Nov 8th.

1st: R4i SDHC (red)
2nd: R4 SDHC
3rd: R4DS

Special Prize: if a winner purchased from 0SZ before Nov 7th, 2009, another M3i Zero will be added to the prizes.

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