DStwo iReader Plugin V1.1 2010-10-14

Install: To install simply release iReader_Vx.x.rar and copy the iReader and ther _dstwoplug folder to root directory of your SD card,overwrite the old version.After these operation, you can see iReader and _dstwoplug.
-The iReader software automatically parses supported files by extension type.
ZIP files as virtual directories, Now these files can be accessed through the “All”, “Book” and “Picture” sort option.
-Added the R key for turn to next page when using vertical mode.
-Fixed the case of lost words when using vertical mode.
-Improved image zoom scale control mode. Now Scaling parameter can control from 25% to 400%, as 25% 50% 75% 100% 150% 200% 300% 400%.
-Increased support for large images.
-Fixed the case that large image can’t be zoomed or rotated because of lack of memory.
-Fixed some .bmp image browsing problem.
-Improved the bookmark, Now you can save more than 10 bookmarks for one file.You can save bookmarks as many as you want.
Note:-Because the bookmark was modified so your bookmark of old version can’t be used.You must delete it.


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