Supercard updates


Since we didn’t post this news when it occurred, here’s a quick recap of what we missed.

Update(2007.08.04): SuperCard DSONE OS SP4 released
1. Rom patch database upgrade to 1255.
2. Added DLDI automatic patching for homebrew. (Patch Enable required)
3. Added RESET function for homebrew.(Patch Enable required) HotKey: L+R+X+Y+A+B. Recommend hold L+R first and then X+Y+A+B.
4. Added DIY skin of OS menu. (Please open SKIN.INI)
5. Added download play supported. (Enalbe Fix downplay required)
6. Fixed 1081 unstable problem in patch mode.
7. Fixed 1235 battle-mode halt problem in patch mode.

Testing Report of SP4: Press here for the testing report.
Download: DSONE OS SP4

Update(2007.08.06): SLOT 2 SuperCard Convert software v2.61 released
SLOT 2 SuperCard include: SuperCard CF, SuperCard SD/MiniSD, SuperCard Lite and SuperCard Rumble Series.
1. Fixed some games can not use cheat code problem.
2. The NDS games .sav file size to 512K (Support upto 4M bits saver)
3. 1110, 1158, 1183, 1214, 1240, 1256, 1260 ROMS which can not use cheat code before, work now.

Download: SLOT 2 SuperCard Convert software v2.61

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