SC News – Supercard DS:One OS v2.0 SP5



Q: What’s New?
1.Optimized patch code. Resumed to support save to SD directly in patch mode. This function is very useful, player DO NOT need to worry about losting save when battery out.
2.Rewrited the display code of game guide, there is no size limitation of game guide file.
3.Fixed homebrew can not be patched error when “save patch” unselect.
4.Seperated the patch datebase and save type datebase, user can DIY save type database.
5.Fixed ROMs 192, 223, 390, 989 can not RESET bug.
6. Fiex ROM 1279 can not save in patch mode buy.
7. Patch database update to 1350.
8. Added search cheat code file “/scshell/cheat/GAMECODE_crc.scc”.(Such as A2DJ_d793026e.scc), easy for user DIY the AR cheat code.
9. Fixed halt game bug when trim ROM.
10. Cheat code files update to 441.
11. Fixed the problem witch small size of flash memory card can not be supported
12. Added mult-language support. Maximum 8 languages support.
13. Added function witch user can appoint language package.
14. Fixed some games halt bug when “Fix download” selected.

This should hopefully fix the saving issues many users have been experiencing lately, which is good news for all Supercard DS users.

A download link is not available at the moment. However, the original post may be viewed at the official forums Here

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