PS3 Playstation Store Updates For 9/20/2007

New for PS3 in the Playstation Store this week.

Downloadable titles:
• LocoRoco Cocoreccho!  $6.99
A peculiar chapter in the LocoRoco series, this entry in the franchise includes more advanced technology and graphics as well as the use of the SixAxis controller. Operating somewhat like an interactive screensaver, LocoRoco Cocoreccho! features more than 200 cheerful, colored blobs characters on screen that you try to collect up and then lead to the goal.IGN

Demos: (free)
• Skate
• NBA 08
• Sega Rally Revo
• Stuntman: Ignition

Trailers, wallpapers, etc: (free)
In addition to several new wallpapers, there are also some new trailers and videos.
• GT5 Prologue
• Ratchet and Clank Future
• Devil May Cry.

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