DSONE & DSONE HCSD OS 3.0 Released

This Day is a day to remember for the Supercard team and all Supercard DSONE users. New DSONE OS v3.0 has been released worldwide.  OS v3.0 provides a new dream function as a special Christmas gift. It’s RealTime Save! Anytime, anywhere, anyway, DS games can be saved and loaded in realtime. This feature is a first in the DS scene,  proof of the dedication and talent of the Supercard team, and testimony to a wonderful device. This dream function is for all DSONE/DSONE(SDHC) old and new users. Just download OS v3.0 and upgrade. OS v3.0 includes FOUR dream functions:
1. RealTime Save (exclusive).
2. RealTime Cheat Code.
3. RealTime Game Guide (exclusive).
4. Multi-save (exclusive).

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