Author Topic: GBA +SC SD - normal save/RTS saves not always  (Read 4905 times)

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GBA +SC SD - normal save/RTS saves not always
« on: March 08, 2010, 10:02:58 PM »
Hi! I bought gba and supercard minisd about half a year ago. I was using it very often. It had been on temperatures -25 at streets (of course I didnt used it at such temp.), it fell down one or two times. But after all that events - it worked normally. But about a two months ago I noticed some problems with saves. I usually patch all roms with RTS and normal save. In the games, where rts or normal has no defference (pokemon) I save with two saves (To prevent damaging all of them when saving when battery low for example...)

So, Now I have an annoying problem - saves backups not always (but often). I mean I press the buttons, save menu appear, I save the game, then restart gba - and nothing saved! I tried to cath the cause or the sequence of this issue, but I couldnt. There is no sequence in this issue at all! Any suggestions?

My device:
GBA + halo light + supercard minisd + microsd 2gb (FAT16 converted as I heard it better for SC) + microsd minisd adapter

Can it be, because of large microsd card (2gb)? Or because of large number of roms there (1gb)? Because of patching RTS functionality?
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