Author Topic: GBA Cheats Minisd Slot 2 ffs this is getting ridiculous  (Read 6935 times)

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GBA Cheats Minisd Slot 2 ffs this is getting ridiculous
« on: August 23, 2010, 03:43:47 PM »
Having spent the last day (entire day, seriously it should not have taken that long) searching EVERYWHERE for a solution (or even just a quick cheap and cheerful guide) I have finally resorted to asking this question.
How the hell do I get them to work?
Since I use US roms, I copied the codes from the US codejunkies site.
I successfully converted them from .txt format to .cht format (complete with @ and = signs in the right places).
It imported them into the patching utility with no troubles (although for some reason several different sources say the codes are meant to be in .scc format, is this just for DS games or is it meant to work for GBA games too?)
The codes showed up on the utility's code viewer, it patched fine.
When I'm in the game, the codes show up on the cheat menu.

My problem is... none of the codes work.
Having tried several different codes (some of them collected from gamefaqs as well, but I doubt that I have the wrong codes.) none of them work as they should, or even have any visible effect.
The only things that I have seen changed with my codes are a slight graphical glitch on Pokemon Ruby (with Master ball in slot 1 code) and a complete crash on Monster Rancher when viewing the monster's stats (with max all stats code).

Can someone please help me?
Am I using the wrong codes? Do Codejunkies not give the right codes? Have I imported them wrongly?
I am at a loss for what to do, and I honestly can't believe that the few people other than myself who have had problems haven't even had them answered properly.

Also, if I am using the wrong codes (or wrong roms, I got them all from Doperoms if that helps) please tell me which ones I should use and where to get them.
If possible, a complete idiot's guide to adding cheats onto the card would really help.

Also, bear in mind it's GBA Cheats for the Supercard Mini SD Slot 2 (no rumble), being played on the Nintendo DS.